Description of Juvenile Court Dependency Process

Juvenile Court Dependency, involving protection of minors through removal from parental custody and adjudication of Court Dependency, is prescribed by Welfare and Institutions Code, Section 300.

Basic reasons minors may become Dependents are:

Protection of minor shall focus on the preservation of the family whenever possible.
Further, nothing in Section 300 is intended to limit the offering of voluntary services to those families in need of assistance but who do not come within the descriptions.

Whenever a minor is removed from parents' custody, the Juvenile Court shall order provision of services, through Child Welfare, to facilitate reunification of the family. If reunification is not possible, the Juvenile Court shall order an appropriate stable plan for the minor's care, including adoption, guardianship, or long-term foster care.

Outline of Juvenile Dependency Process

Below is a graphical representation of the Court Process:
JCDP Image
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Removal of Minor from caretaker: Investigation by Dependent Intake Unit Process of Petitioning Dependency

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