The Foster Care Home Study

The Home Study is a written biography of your family. It describes your family dynamics and communication style; openness to change, family stability; family history; exploration of marriage and/or relationship history; lifestyle; expectations of children's needs and development, motivation in undertaking parenting & former parenting experience.

The Home Safety Check is the first step in the Home Study process. An agency Social Worker will visit and review a list of State required safety items and precautions with you. All requirements do not have to be fulfilled on the first visit, however they must be completed prior to certification of your home. You may View the Home Safety Check in Adobe PDF format.

Families For Children will conduct the Home Study process in a way that will allow the prospective foster parents to go through a phase of self-discovery and self-study rather than an investigative process on the part of the agency. A Social Worker will review questionnaires you filled out from the application packet and conduct interviews individually and as a couple if applicable. The actual Home Study document will be written by your Social Worker after interviews are complete.

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