Overview of the Adoptive Certification Process

The Application Process:

Families For Children prides itself in the knowledge, promptness, professionalism and communication skills of our staff. The following is an overview of the application and certification process should you pursue adoption with Families For Children:

The application and certification process includes:

1.   Background Clerarances and Child Abuse Index Check:

Criminal background checks are required for all adults 18 years of age and over in the home as well as frequent visitors over 18. Background checks are completed via the Live Scan process and we receive results within one week. The Live Scan includes DOJ, FBI and Child Abuse Index clearances for California and any other states you have lived in within the last 5 years.

2.   Adoption Application:

We will gladly answer any questions you may have and help you with your application, which includes:

3.   Training: All adoptive families are required to complete a comprehensive pre-certification training series. Our trainings are web based and can be completed in your home. There are no fees for the training. More information on the content of our training may be obtained Here.

Home Study:
The home safety check is the first part of the home study process. An agency Social Worker will visit and review a list of State required safety items and precautions with you. All requirements do not have to be fulfilled on the first visit, however they must be completed prior to certification of your home. You may View the Home Safety Check in Adobe PDF format.

The Home Study is the final part of the certification process. An Adoption Social Worker will review questionnaires you filled out from the application packet and conduct a series of interviews with family members in your home. The Home Study document will be written by your Adoption Worker after interviews are complete. Prior to certification as an adoptive parent, you will have an opportunity to review your home study and verify its accuracy.

The Home Study will describe your family dynamics and communication style; openness to change, family stability; family history; exploration of marriage and/or relationship history; lifestyle; expectations of children's needs and development, motivation in undertaking parenting; former parenting experience and understanding of the commitment and meaning of the adoption process. This is also the time when you will decide the age, gender, ethnic background and number of children you feel would be the best match for your family.

Application Timeline:
If you are prompt in submitting the required documentation required in the application, completion of the application process, including the Home Study and training, takes an average of 3 months.

In compliance with California state regulations, all prospective adoptive parents must complete Families For Children's adoptive parent application, training and certification process to become certified Adoptive Parents.

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