International Adoption Home Studies

International Home Study And Post-placement Services

In 2006, Families For Children added the international, non-custodial home study component to our adoption program for families wishing to adopt internationally. Since then, we have completed many international home studies that have been approved by the NCIS. Families For Children will work with the Home Study requirements of your Hague Accredited International Adoption Agency and is fully state licensed to provide these services.

A home study is the first step in the international adoption process.

Families For Children, Inc. is licensed throughout the state of California to perform domestic and international home studies. Even if your International Adoption Agency is in another state, we can provide a Home Study to the international adoption agency of your choice, in California or out-of-state, as long as you are a California resident, and your agency is Hague accredited We are not able to provide home studies for families pursuing an independent, facilitated or direct international adoption.

The internaional home study is an assessment that involves you and one of our Master's level Social Workers working together to explore your strengths, characteristics and history in order to lead to the successful adoption of your child. Families For Children is widely respected for its home study services and provides tailored adoption education specifically to the needs of adopting families.

Home studies are prepared by a social worker who meets with you in your home for a series of interviews. It is a biography and a detailed gathering of information such as your motivations and reasons for choosing adoption.

International adoption is a complex topic and we ask that you call or e-mail us with your questions. We will be happy to spend time with you explaining the international adoption process or offer you a personal interview time.

Post-Placement Services

Post-Placement Services are performed according to both California Department of Social Services regulations and international country program requirements. Post Placement begins post child arrival and takes place in the adoptive parents home. The post-placement report process consists of several visits to the home based on both California Department of Social Services and sending country regulations/requirements.  Each post placement visit is an assessment of the child and family adjustment by your assigned social worker.

Families For Children prides itself in providing continuing consultation and support to families as they go through the entire adoption process.


Families For Children is a private nonprofit, licensed child and family service agency. Our fees reflect the belief that children are the highest priority, and we want as many children as possible to be placed with permanent adoptive families.

An Overview of Intercountry Home Study Fee’s
Effective January 2010



When Due

Application & Adoption Home Study


Before Home Study Begins

Post Placement Services


Before Services Begin

Application & Adoption Home Study Fee: $2,700
The $2,700 Home Study fee includes a non-refundable $200 application fee.  

Post Placement Services: $1,000
The number of mandatory post placement visits will vary by country; up to 3 are included in the fee. Any additional expenses, such as notary fees, will be billed separately.

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