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Serving Northern California since 1989, Families For Children is a private, non-profit Adoption Agency licensed by the State of California. Our Master's level Adoption Social Workers have many years of combined experience in foster care adoption and we take pride in our excellent reputation. Families For Children is dedicated to working closely with you as a team during the entire adoption process.

Our comprehensive program is designed to find the best possible matches between adoptive families and children as well as enable adoptive parents to explore their motivations and consider all options in planning for an adoption. In addition, with our full service adoption license, the entire adoption process can be completed without fees or attorney assistance.

We understand that the adoption process can be overwhelming. Families For Children pledges that our staff will competently assist you from your first call or visit, all the way through bringing your newly adopted child home with care, support, courtesy and professionalism.

If you'd like to take the first step or have additional questions, please Contact Us to schedule an appointment for a confidential one-on-one informational meeting with one of our experienced adoption workers.

How Adopting from Foster Care Works:

Adoptive children are referred to us for placement in our adoptive homes by County Adoption Workers from over 20 California counties. Adoptive families are needed for foster children of all ages who are currently dependents of the juvenile court and have been removed from their biological parents due to abuse or neglect. These children come from a variety of ethnicities including Hispanic, African American, Caucasian and bi-racial backgrounds.

These children have been abused and/or neglected and are in need of a stable, loving home environment that only a permanent adoptive home can provide.

Families For Children trains, educates, performs home studies and certifies Adoptive families in accordance with California state law. During the home study process, we work with you as a team to identify children that would be an ideal match for your family situation based on a variety of factors. Families For Children will conduct the home study process in a way that will allow you to go through a phase of self-discovery and self-study rather than an investigative process on the part of the agency. After the home study process and certification is complete, we begin the process of matching you with children who have been identified for adoption throught the Juvenile Court Dependency Process, utilizing the information gathered during the home study. For more information on certification, please see the Adoptive Parent Certification Process.

No Fees:

There are no agency or home study fees for Adoptive parents who are adopting a foster child through Families For Children's foster-adoption programs. In addition, Adoptive parents receive a monthly reimbursement to cover the child's expenses until the adoption is finalized. After the adoption is finalized, continued funding is provided to adoptive parents through AAP (Adoption Assistance Program) until the child reaches 18. All of the child's medical expenses are covered by Medi-Cal until the age of 18.

Costs to adoptive parents are limited to LiveScan fees, CPR/First Aid costs, a DMV printout and routine physical and T.B. test. All of these expenditures are reimbursable up to $400 at the finalization of the adoption.

Description of Services Provided:

Adoption Services are provided by M.S.W. or L.C.S.W. level social workers.
Post placement, our workers will visit with you in your home on a weekly or bi-weekly as needed to assist in the process of integrating a child into your home and family. Services also include, but are not limited to, family counseling, development of community resources, treatment planning and facilitation, educational planning and development, clinical development, and individual child assessment. Extensive coordination with the cooperating county or state adoption agency continues throughout the placement period.

Networking with local community resources adds the additional support of other professionals in the family's home area by providing appropriate physical, educational, neurological and psychiatric evaluations.

Program Goals:

Our Adoption program provides high levels of support services to our families and children. Our treatment program is designed to empower both children and families to promote integration of the child into the family system through reciprocal attachment.

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