The Adoption Home Study

The Adoption Home Study is a written biography of your family, conducted according to regulations set forth by the California Department of Social Services.

Families are assessed in terms of their desire to parent and their likelihood to be able to tolerate the change, intrusion, and disruption that will follow the placement of a child. Key assessment factors are family relationships and dynamics, relationship history, challenges that have been overcome individually and as a couple, realistic versus unrealistic expectations, and motivation for parenting. Social support systems are evaluated and informal systems of support are assessed. The profile for the type of child that will be matched with the family is determined by the type of child desired, behaviors that can or cannot be dealt with within the family system, and the needs and strengths of family members.

Families For Children conducts the Home Study process in a way that allows adoptive parents to go through a phase of self-discovery and self-study rather than an investigative process on the part of the agency. One of our Adoption Social Workers will review questionnaires you filled out from the application packet and conduct interviews individually and as a couple. The worker reviews the information gathered and identifies each family's strengths and challenges in relation to adopting a child. Prior to certification as an adoptive parent, you will have an opportunity to review your home study and verify its accuracy.

Factors Considered in the Home Study Assessment

The Home Study will take the following factors into consideration:

This is also the time when you will decide the age, gender, ethnic background and number of children you feel would be the best match for your family.

The home safety check is the first step in the Home Study process. An agency Social Worker will visit and review a list of State required safety items and precautions with you. All requirements do not have to be fulfilled on the first visit, however they must be completed prior to certification of your home. You may View the Home Safety Check in Adobe PDF format.

An important feature of the Home Study process at Families For Children is the educational work done at home, consisting of assigned reading material and research of community resources available to the child being considered for adoption and the actual experience in dealing with the kind of child to be adopted. This is especially valuable for parents who make the decision to adopt children with physical and/or mental disabilities.

What Might Delay or Result In Denial Of An Adoption Homestudy?

The above is not a complete list. However, it gives a general idea of case specific issues that would cause concern in an adoption homestudy. Applicant(s) could be asked to seek services and/or counseling to address identified concerns prior to completion of homestudy.

What Costs are Involved?

There are no agency or home study fees for Adoptive parents who are adopting a child through the foster care system. In addition, Adoptive parents receive a monthly reimbursement to cover the child's expenses until the adoption is finalized. After the adoption is finalized, continued funding is provided to adoptive parents through AAP (Adoption Assistance Program) until the child reaches 18. All of the child's medical expenses are covered by Medi-Cal until the age of 18.

Costs to adoptive parents are limited to LiveScan fees, CPR/First Aid costs, a DMV printout and routine physical and T.B. test. All of these non-recurring expenditures are reimbursable up to $400 at the finalization of the adoption.


Adoption proceedings are closed hearings, separate and distinct from dependency proceedings. Your adoption files are strictly confidential. Applicants are required to sign a "Home Study Release Form" which authorizes us to transmit your homestudy to County Adoption Workers for review in consideration of placing a child in your home. Your home study is otherwise strictly confidential and will not be released without your approval.

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