Foster Children Available For Adoption

There are literally thousands of children potentially identified for adoption in California, many of whom have been abused and/or neglected, and are in need of the stable, loving home environment that Adoptive parents can provide.

Families For Children adoptive placements range in age from infants to mid-teens and include various ethnic backrounds including Caucasian, Hispanic, African American, Pacific Islander and mixed races. We will ask you which ages and ethnicities you are most comfortable with and Families For Children's adoption social workers and county placement workers will work as a team to provide the best possible matches between adoptive families and children.

The Greatest Need:

Currently, the greatest need is for adoptive parents open to adopting the following:

Photolistings of Available Children

These websites offer a a glimpse of foster children that are availble for adoption in California.
This is NOT a complete listing of children available as many are confidential or are not yet on the websites. We suggest you use these as guidelines of foster/adoptive children that might be available when you begin matching.

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