The Adoption Application

The Application Process:

In compliance with California state regulations, all prospective adoptive parents must complete Families For Children's adoptive parent application, training and certification process to become certified Adoptive Parents.

1.   Fingerprint and Child Abuse Index Clearances:

After your initial interview with us, this is the first step in the adoptive process. Criminal background checks are required. There are two sets of fingerprints clearances required for all family members age 18 and over. The State of California now utilizes the Live Scan process to complete these requirements and we receive results within a week. We recommend calling several locations as the fee for this service varies, please contact us for details. Live Scan includes DOJ, FBI and Child Abuse Index clearances.

2.   Adoption Application:

We will gladly answer any questions you may have and help you with your application, which includes:

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