The Adoption Assistance Program

The Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) provides funds to adoptive parents to assist them in meeting the basic and special needs of their adopted children. All families who adopt children from foster care are eligible for AAP funds regardless of income.

AAP eligibility begins effective the date the family signs the Adoptive Placement Agreement and ends when the child turns 18. It is possible to receive AAP funds past the child's 18th birthday, but there must be documented disability which qualifies the child for continued AAP.

AAP is recertified every two years and follows you to any state or country should you relocate after the adoption is finalized.

If a family chooses not to accept AAP at the time of finalization, they will be asked to sign a deferred agreement which allows them the opportunity to come back at any time prior to the child's 18th birthday and request that AAP be initiated.

Any child who is receiving AAP is also eligible for Medi-Cal benefits. If the adoptive family chooses to place the child on their private insurance, Medi-Cal becomes a secondary form of coverage.

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